About MCS Strategies



Michael C. Michalski is an expert in reviving local and regional economic development organizations throughout the United States.

He is a respected strategist in the areas of retention, expansion and recruitment. Michalski provides both his public and private sector clients a variety of value added services, such as site selection, community evaluations, restructuring and economic policies. He is noted for tremendous energy and expertise.

Recently he assisted multi-national firms expand operations within the United States and helped a state recruitment group launch marketing and recruitment activities.

A graduate of Hobart College, Michalski has managed projects for GM, Daimler Chrysler, and Diebold, as well as many other firms in diverse industry groups. Michalski’s particular expertise includes the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone program and connecting investors with companies requiring capital infusion.

While serving as a community leader he was selected by the U.S. Air Force to attend the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama. Michalski is involved in several community and professional organizations. Additionally he has taught courses at the community college, undergraduate and graduate levels at institutes of higher learning around the country.

In balancing many interests Michalski is active in various volunteer pursuits. Most notably as a national volunteer with the American Heart Association he established the Strong Heart Endowment, to make investment in heart research, wellness and community education programs.